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Dr Gunja is a more powerful witch doctor thanany mganga kutoka kangundo na machakosimakueni, mboni and ukambani, Dr Gunja is themost powerful mganga in Kenya and his skillssurpass of any mganga ukambani andmachakosi, makueni , kangundo or even mbonihe is the most powerful spiritual healer inukambani and the most trusted witch doctorfor decades and he has been sought all overukambani to help and solve spiritual issuesDr Gunja can help you get the mostpowerful kamuti for love in ukambani , kamutiis the same as spells and these types of spellsare very powerful ,and the advice is that youhave to like the person you are trying to castthe spells on, otherwise you may be stuck in arelationship with someone you don’t like andthis a paramount because life is all aboutheices.